How to make Fitness A habit


My top 10 Tips to make Fitness an enjoyable habit


1 Don’t under eat – eating too little calories will drop weight fast but it won’t stay off as you will end up binge eating or quitting. CALORIES ARE YOUR FRIEND!

2 – Eat foods you enjoy – for sustainability you MUST eat foods you but will they need to be affective to help you lose weight and keep you healthy

3 – Earn your guilty pleasure foods – DO NOT CUT the what I call “slutty foods” , like pizza , Chinese , chocolate etc etc , these can still be eaten when you have earned them but they are not to be a weekly or even daily treat! The old saying everything in moderation

4 Eat nutritious foods – eating nutritious foods packed with vitamins will make you feel better who doesn’t want to feel good all the time this alone can be addictive

5 Don’t Treat training as a chore – you are training to improve your health and feel better , find a form of exercise you enjoy , if you don’t enjoy no matter how good it is you WONT keep it up.

6 Don’t make it an inconvenience – Plan your training around times and days that suit , you don’t have to eat 6 meals a day if it doesn’t  suit if it does go for it , 3 meals will do just fine !

7 Anything is better than nothing – you don’t have to always exercise for an hour a 12 mins intense session or a 20 mins walk is better than not doing anything at all

8 Focus on your Progress – its you that matters don’t worry about “Sharon” from class who lost more than you this we are all different

9 Focus on sleep  – Sleep is the most important one for me , Sleep sets up your day , your mood and energy levels will make up your mind set of what you’re doing

10 Have Fun – getting fit should improve your life not cause more stress.


If your Following some or all 10 of these tips I guarantee you will be on your way to developing a healthier and happier relationship with fitness

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