If you have issues with your thyroid and your carrying too much body fat , you need to look look at how much sugar your consuming & carbs your eating and how well your processing them , if your not processing them well you will have elevated blood sugars which can a big effect on your thyroid function and you won’t be doing it any favors !

I check my clients bloods sugars fasted and an hour or so after a carb meal and that will tell me how well they tolerate them and if we need to lower or even cut them for a period of time.

We also Could add in some fasting so keep your eating window to a 6-8 hour time frame for this you could work from 10am – 5pm this will give your metabolism a break for long periods of time which can help with metabolic flexibility which is basically your body being able utilize Both carbs and fats when given them and able to switch from one to another for energy so lower insulin and blood glucose.

Remember your thyroid can have a massive effect on your health and well being and your fat loss goals.

Don’t abuse you only have 1 ! 👍

If your not sure these symptoms might tell you if you have thyroid issues 📍Tired 📍Not sleeping well and waking up in the

Middle of the night and not being able to get back asleep 📍Stubborn bell fat ( only if you’ve been in calorie deficit)

📍Less desire for exercise 📍Low libido 📍Impaired thinking 📍 In ability to cope with stress like you used to.

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